You are giving away free stuff you say?
Why yes!  We have several freebies for ya.

So, why are you giving away free stuff?
Because we love Authors....and Authors love us.  Everything we do is centered around writers.  We love books. We love Aspiring Authors. We love Inspiring Authors. We love poets. We love song writers.  Anyone who puts their thoughts in writing, we just absolutely LOVE!

What are you giving away?
Well, let's see. We have listed them so nice and neatly for you below:

1. Free Consultation
We will give you a 10 minute consultation about your manuscript. We will ask you questions such as: How far are you in the preparation of your manuscript? What are your plans for your published book? When are you wanting to complete your book project. What is your budget for your book project etc.

2. Free Books
Publishing books can be a costly investment, so we want to reward those of you who have taken that step to bringing your manuscript to life. That is why we are offering 20 FREE books, that's right, 20 FREE BOOKS for those of you who order  100 copies or more.

3. Free Copyright book submission
All works under copyright protection that are published in the United States are subject to the mandatory deposit provision of the copyright law (17 USC section 407).

This law requires that two copies of the best edition of every copyrightable work published in the United States be sent to the Copyright Office within three months of publication. Works deposited under this law are for the use of the Library of Congress.

We will submit the 2 copies to the copyright office for order over 100 copies. The two copies that we send will not be deducted from your 100 + 20 free books. We will print them and send them on your behalf within the allotted time FOR FREE.

4. Free Library of Congress book submission

The Library of Congress is the research library that officially serves the United States Congress, but which is the de facto national library of the United States. It is the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States. All publishers are required to submit two complete copies of their published works to the Library. Many publishers or printers will comply with this, but they would deduct the copies from the Author's inventory. Just like the Copyright's Mandatory Deposit law, we will print and send the copies within the allotted time FOR FREE.  The two copies that we send will not be deducted from your 100 + 20 free books.

5. Free Website
Every writer should have their presence on the world wide web. Whether you are a blogger, a poet, a published/unpublished author or a lyricist, you shouldn't be caught dead without some type of web presence unless you are not planning to share any of your writing with the world. Although web hosting is more affordable now than ever, we are aware that many still can't fit the cost into their budget. We have a program for Authors called "the Write Cipher."  Choose from 4 different template colors to display your book to the world. This free site comes with a shopping cart so that you can sell your book as well.  This program is open to all writers, whether a Client of Griot Publishing or not.

Those who are Clients of Griot Publishing may receive a free custom 1-page (splash page) in their publishing package. Check your package details for more information.
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6. Free Domain name
If you need a web address, we will offer you one of ours in the form of a subdomain for free. Those domains that are offered for free such as are registered to Griot Internationl LLC. They can be forwarded to the Author's site such as on a Wordpress platform. They cannot be transferred.

Here is an example of what a free domain looks like:  your

7. Free Book Assessment
Do you want us to look at your manuscript and provide limited feedback? We can do it, and we will do it for FREE. We will review a maximum of 20 pages to get an idea of the flow of your manuscript, the condition of your manuscript etc. We will conduct a 10 minute phone consultation to discuss the Assessment.  Free Assessments are conducted on a first come, first serve basis.  Depending on volume of manuscripts waiting to be assessed, it can take anywhere from 10 to 30 business days to receive your Free Assessment.

8. Free Quotes

If you request a detailed quote on your potential publishing job, we can prepare and email you one within 3-5 days.

To Sum it All Up
Whether you are publishing your writings just to share with family and friends, or you are desiring to have your books on the shelves of major stores one day, we at GP would love to be a part of helping you birth your manuscript into a beautiful book that houses your thoughts.

Griot Publishing-Helping Aspiring Authors Put Their Writings Into Print at an Affordable Cost!

What we Do
At Griot Publishing, we want to provide a format and system that would not only print your books for you, but help guide you in putting your thoughts on a paper canvas. We provide you with the means to publish your book world-wide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover and eBook. We are working on providing the Audio Book format in the near future. We don’t make empty promises such as “your gonna be a best seller”, or "we can get your book on ever major bookshelf." We are up front with you, and although we provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to market your book, we understand that the best person to make your book a success is YOU.  Continue reading......
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