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At Griot Publishing, we want to provide a format and system that would not only print your books for you, but help guide you in putting your thoughts on a paper canvas. We provide you with the means to publish your book world-wide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover and eBook. We are working on providing the Audio Book format in the near future. We don’t make empty promises such as “your gonna be a best seller”, or "we can get your book on ever major bookshelf." We are up front with you, and although we provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to market your book, we understand that the best person to make your book a success is YOU.  Continue reading......
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»What shipping options do you offer?
We only offer shipping options pertaining to how fast you want your books to reach their destination.  View the options on the right for more details.  We do not offer an option for carriers. We only use UPS for all shipments within the U.S.

»What is an Advance Shipping Notice?
This notice is to alert you that your books have been shipped, and that you should be on the look out for them. ....more details.

» Can I ship parts of my books to different addresses?

Yes. We do offer split shipping. ....More details.

» Can I ship my order using multiple shipping methods?
Yes.  We offer several different ones:  blind shipping, split shipping, Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, or 3 Day Select.

»How can I estimate shipping before I order?
You can't. Since we only use UPS as our official carrier, the shipping price is calculated in your package. If you wish to know what the actual shipping price is, ask your assigned Book Specialist.

»When will my books arrive?
Your Shipment of books should arrive to your doorstep approximately 4 business days after you have signed off on your manuscript AND there are no outstanding balance(s) on your account.   ...More details.

»I need my order really fast! Can I get overnight or 2-day delivery?
Of course you can. We offer a "rush shipment" service that can get your books to you in as little as 24 hours at all U.S locations.  ...More details.

»Can I pick up my books from your office to save on shipping?
Yes, you can pick up your books at our Arizona office but it will not save you the shipping cost.  This is because our shipping costs are already calculated as part of your package price.

»Can I change my shipping address?
Yes you can if you do it BEFORE the shipment leaves our printer. This means that you should make sure that we have your correct ship-to address before you sign off on your manuscript files. If the shipment has already been picked up by UPS, you will be assessed a new shipping charge. This will also delay your order, so make sure that you provide to us the correct information.  ...More details.

»What is Blind Shipping?
The term "Blind Shipment" is when one or more parties to a shipment don't know who is the shipper, receiver, or both. In other words, they are in “The Blind”.  ...More details.

»I expected my order to arrive, but it hasn't yet. What can I do?
Please view our "lost shipment" page for details.

»Are shipping fees refundable if I return my product?
No. Shipping fees are non-refundable. Please view our "refund policy" for more details on what is refundable.

» When will my order ship?

Depends on when you signed off on your files. ....More details.

» Do you ship internationally?
We ONLY ship to USA and Canada.  ...More details.

» What if I live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other U.S. Territories?
We ship to all U.S territories. Contact us for shipping prices to these locations.

» What if I have an APO or FPO address?

We ship to APO, FPO & DPO addresses. Please follow these guidelines to ensure that your APO/FPO delivery can be completed.

» What if I need my order tomorrow?
If you have to have them by the next day,  as long as the files are ready to go by noon that day, we can print them (up to 5000) and ship them out to you overnight so that you can receive them the next day.  Contact us for shipping rates.  Prices are subject to change per UPS.

» How do I track my order to know where it is in transit?
Visit our "tracking info" page for details.

»When should I order to guarantee holiday delivery?
We recommend that you order at least 10 business days BEFORE the holidays to ensure that you will get your shipment on time.  Although we will send you your shipment, we don't have any control of the carriers who are extremely busy around these times.  Play it safe and place your order in ample enough time.

Do you offer a multiple-quantity Shipping & Handling discount?
Sorry, we do not offer a discount because the shipping and handling fees are calculated into the packages.