Author Website Design:  As we always say; An Author without a Website is like having the party of the century but forgetting to give out the address on the invitations. How is anyone going to come? How will they know where to find the party? Author Sites is an excellent way to display your writings.

Colored Images:  The only color that is included is on the cover. We have included the charge for b&w pictures on the inside, but there is an additional charge of $1.00 per page if you desire color.


Copyright Services:
Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States for original works of authorship, “Copyright” literally means the right to copy. It is totally up to you to decide if you want a copyright or not.  The rule of thumb is that once your information has been published in a book, it is automatically copywritten...That is unless someone can prove that they hold the copyrights to the content with the Copyright Office. Read more about Copyrights here.

Editing Services:  It is always good to have an extra set of eyes looking at your finished manuscript. We will help you with basic editing, but if you require extensive editing, there will be a charge of $1.50 per page.

Editorial Evaluation: This is a powerful addon service to evaluate your manuscript to see if it is publish-ready. We provide you a full report that will not only give you an overview of your manuscript, but educate you via our comments and suggestions.

Ghost Writing:  Don't know where to start on writing your manuscript? Want to put your thoughts into print but don't have the time to write your book? Ghostwriting involves us writing a book  from scratch or creating whole new sections to be added to an existing manuscript. We conduct 1 on 1 interviews with you in order to produce a finished manuscript. Contact us and we will be happy assist you with any questions that you may have as well as provide you with a free consultation.

Marketing Consultant:   Our marketing service are designed to help Authors who desire quality, effective marketing techniques. The Griot Marketing team is available to guide and help build your audience as we work diligently to create for you areas that will jump start your vision.  The Griot team will brand your name and book by creating your image to fulfill your future goal for personal, private and public communication to those whom you may be trying to reach with your book.

Payment Plans:  We understand that publishing a book is big business, and we also understand that it can become quite costly to produce your business product. For this reason we are making available an easy payment plan.  No credit checks and an affordable 3-12 months payment plan.

Basic Cover:  We do not use templates, just your imagination mixed with ours, and the essence of your story to create beautiful covers.  Our covers are printed on durable paper stock, and have a shiny coat to compliment the designs. We will be posting more as we continue to update this site.  Covers start at $50.00, one of the lowest price for covers in the book industry!  Contact Us for more information.

Personalize Emails
:  Personal (custom) email addresses are a means of recognition. If you seek to boost your professional distinction or add more personalization to your email, a personal email address is the way to go.  Custom email addresses can be used on their own, as well as connected to existing email accounts. Messages sent to a custom-domain email address may be forwarded to an existing email account.

Personal ISBN:  We offer our ISBN's for half the price of a personal one.  You do have the option to order a personalized ISBN if you wish for $145.00.  Visit the link for more details if you are not sure if you need a personal ISBN or not.

Request a Quote
:  We carry many different packages for you to choose from to help fit your publishing needs.  If you want an accurate amount of how much your publishing will cost you, then send us your manuscript so that we can prepare you a free quote.  You are not obligated to obtain our services to get a free quote.

If you are self-publishing, you may want to check out our A' la Carte for publishing accessories.

Webhosting:  If you are an Author wanting to share data, information and knowledge with the rest of the world at a fast rate with the ability to reach millions of people, you would have to do 2 things: 1. Build a Website and 2. Make it visible on the world wide web.'s web hosting plan offers you a web space to place your files, data, documents, and bulletins for people to access with their web browsers and an e-mail services for you to send and receive e-mail messages.
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What we Do
At Griot Publishing, we want to provide a format and system that would not only print your books for you, but help guide you in putting your thoughts on a paper canvas. We provide you with the means to publish your book world-wide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover and eBook. We are working on providing the Audio Book format in the near future. We don’t make empty promises such as “your gonna be a best seller”, or "we can get your book on ever major bookshelf." We are up front with you, and although we provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to market your book, we understand that the best person to make your book a success is YOU.  Continue reading......
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