Publishing can be quite costly these days, but that should not deter you away from your dream of become a published Author.  We totally understand how excited you are about finishing up your manuscript, but have that awful feeling of wondering how you are going to get it published in this tight economy.  We have come up with an affordable payment plan that is designed to assist you in taking your ideas from the manuscript to the printers. Subject to credit approval.
Now take up to 6 months to pay for any of our publishing packages*
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What we Do
At Griot Publishing, we want to provide a format and system that would not only print your books for you, but help guide you in putting your thoughts on a paper canvas. We provide you with the means to publish your book world-wide in every format: Softcover, Hardcover and eBook. We are working on providing the Audio Book format in the near future. We don’t make empty promises such as “your gonna be a best seller”, or "we can get your book on ever major bookshelf." We are up front with you, and although we provide you with the tools and knowledge on how to market your book, we understand that the best person to make your book a success is YOU.  Continue reading......
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How long is my  Publishing PAYMENT contract? Your payment contract is binding until the terms of your agreement have been met. Because this is a payment plan, you promise to pay the amount you owed until your balance is zero. In turn, Griot Publishing will work with you closely until your book is published and in your possession. Contracts are in place as long as we are working with you on your book. These plans are designed to get you moving forward in terms of seeing your book in print. We understand that not all authors have the money up front to get started with the publishing process. We Understand this as Publishers and offer our payment plan as a service to get our authors into print. We work as you pay and will continue with you throughout your journey.
I have made my downpayment, now what?
Once you have made your down payment, you will receive what is called an ID Code. This code is to be used on any correspondence you have between you and Griot Publishing. All files that are sent to us for inclusion in your manuscript MUST have your ID code attached to it to ensure proper identification of your book contents. Material that is submitted to us without this code will not be used under any circumstances. 
Are there any fees?
Except for fees required to make transactions through Pay Pal or if you are late with your payments. There are no extra fees within the payment plan. This means no finance charges or interest added to your payment plan. The only time you will be assessed a late payment fee if you are 30 days late on your payment.
Can I cancel a Publishing contract?
Yes, you can cancel any publishing contract with Griot Publishing whenever you desire to. Keep in mind that there is a cancellation fee because we don't waste anytime working on your manuscript once the downpayment is made to us.These contracts are valid until your line of credit is paid in full. This Way, our contract will not be broken until the monetary balance between us is Zero. View our Contract center to get more details on canceling your contract.
What are my payments?
Your payments will be range between $100.00-500.00 Dollars Per month until you pay off your balance. This is a very flexible payment plan, so you can send the minimum or the maximum. No Contract will last more than 6 months. If you need to extend your payment contract, you will be assessed a $50.00 fee to enter a new contract.
What if I miss a payment?
You have a 7-day grace* period after your payment due date before your contract is cancelled and your payments are forfeited. If you cannot make your payment within this allotted time, please contact us so that we can make a promise-to-pay date.  This promise will keep your account from folding.  You are allowed 3 of these extensions within in your contract.
Where can I make my payments?
Paypal handles our payments through our secured billing system. When you signed up for our services, you created an account through this system. Simply log back in an make your payments. Don't forget, we accept major credit cards for payments. No checks or money orders will be accepted at this time. You can also visit our payment method page more additional information.
Fill out and submit a Payment Plan Application and one of our Book Specialists will help you complete the application
for the 6 months financing.
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